KOOTAE작가의 PHOTO ESSAY는 철학적 에세이와 사진, 그리고 만남과 이별에 대한 대한 섬세한 관찰을 다양한 지면 구성으로 완성했습니다. 패션 사진 작가 출신 다운 감각적인 사진들과 서정성을 부각시키기 위해 북-디자인의 본질에 집중하였습니다.

That is not so sad and miserable.

That might be deeper, more frankly, or more conspicuous than we were aware. I do have compassion on someone’s behavior by loving a woman. However, the memory includes everything and describes it, and it is just drawing various patterns by unthreading several lines of latitude and latitude. How sad heartbreak is. Also, how accident and cruel the passed things are. Those were wrong bias and crossed tendency flowing bygone days. The wind raves sometimes and whistles softly on the earth's surface sometimes. Starlight has flied for millions of light years futilely. Human or existence that stands at the extreme end of the evolution is thinking about their wills, desires, dreams, and behaviors that will be described as several strands of words. The city grows, and humans are exhausted, emphasized, devoted, or forgotten by self organization like other every things and phenomena as social conditions decline on their head. However, that is not so sad and miserable.


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